Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Here are the planning stages of the new self-portrait in the landscape I’ve been working on the last month or so. Finally found a suitable spot- the tree in my backyard. I figure this will make it easier to put in the time this painting (which'll be pretty big) will require. In addition, it's a more truthful reflection of my real habitat. In the second study I taped up a string grid, which I plan on including in the final painting. I think it's kind of a funny way to reference the painting process, and also as a bit  of a nod to perceptual painter George Nick (he doesn't include the grid in his paintings, but he does use simple, gridded viewfinders he makes himself when does his larger works from life). I guess you could see it as a good-natured jab at painters like Chuck Close, too, who grid up photos; I'll bet he's shaking in his boots! Well, maybe not...
     Conceptually, the string also represents another barrier between the viewer/painter and direct, unmediated experience. Here are some thumbnails-



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