Monday, November 4, 2013

Here's a pic of another new one dealing with tropes referencing realism. This one features the decoy, too, an old one-eyed one from my parents. I like where it's going, but the flatness is getting to be a bit much... gotta infuse some areas of contrast asap.
Here's the latest state of the self-portrait I'm doing in my backyard, part of my reflections in nature series. Spent Sunday working on the face, and I'm pretty sure I like the earlier version (seen below) better. A bit better.  Ah, well- such is painting.... fraught with disappointment. Gonna put this one to the wall for a week and start something new. I'm resolved to finish it soon (still needs a bitta work) but I think a breath of fresh air will do me good. Hope I'm not finishing this in the snow!

earlier state

                                                                          my studio
Here's a loose sketch I did up at my parent's place recently- gonna go back into it soon. I like the idea of a decoy in a representational painting, especially in front of a window, another metaphor for realist painting.